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What to do on Valentine's Day if You're Single

Stores are decorated with red balloons, cute bears, candy hearts and flowers, its Valentines Day, what comes into your mind? Couples intently gazing at each other's eyes just makes you feel like love is really in the air. But love month is just for lovers, right? Of course not! There actually are joys to find on this day of reds and pinks, of flowers and chocolates, no matter what your relationship status is.

Remember Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City? She made being single more appealing than ever before. Thus, if lovers day comes with you not on the in relationship list, don't fret. Instead, embrace it! No kidding around, you heard me right. Do not define yourself by your status during this special holiday just because most people are enjoying this marked day with their special somebody.

Retail therapy was Carrie Bradshaw's answer to everything. Getting yourself something special can be a perfect pick-me up remedy for the single you. You don't have to wait for Mr. boyfriend to give such gifts.

You can go buy it yourself! Girls certainly have something more appealing on their mind aside from Valentines day gifts. Diamonds and gold are a girl's best friend. From a modest bracelet to unusual diamond rings, one of the joys of being single is you can give yourself the gift you'd be wanting your significant other to give you.

Aside from buying yourself a gift on Valentine's Day, there actually are other ways to enjoy the most romantic day of the year. Remember Carrie throwing herself a party after years and years of buying gifts for her friends? baby showers and weddings? Try that idea yourself on Valentine's Day and have a blast being single:

- Throw a party for yourself and the girls

- Go out on a date with yourself. Go out to dinner and to the movies or a combination of dinner, movie and the museum.

- Purchase V-Day cards for people who are dear to you.

- Volunteer at a non-profit organization or a charity and make someone else's Valentine?s Day a whole lot better.

- Spend the day with someone you love unconditionally

- maybe a manicure with your grandma or taking your dad to lunch or going to the matinee with your mom. These may just be the right pick-me-up remedies you need on a Valentine?s Day spent alone.

So take advantage of it! Plan a Valentine's Day different from what you?ve experienced before. It will definitely give you something to feel good about or give your beloved something to brag about or perhaps rekindle the spark or keep the spark burning bright.

There definitely is something for everyone on Valentine's Day. If you look at the annual celebration of love as a celebration of life, then you will be sure to find something enjoyable and fun and to do. Enjoying the most romantic day of the year can be achieved ? with or without a valentine.